15 Best Chrome Extensions for 2023

Do you use Chrome and want to speed up your web browsing? With so many extensions available in the Chrome Store, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth trying out.

Extensions for the Chrome web browser have increased in popularity as users look to customize their browsing experiences. Ranging from tools to stay connected with social networks, to productivity boosters, through these addons you can get access to plenty of features and new ones appear often.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 15 best Chrome extensions for 2023. These tools can boost productivity, provide organization or save time — there’s something here for everyone.


1. Checker plus for Google Calender

See your next meetings and the current date on the icon, get desktop event reminders, add events from the popup in month, week or agenda view without ever opening the webpage, plus many options!

This extension is also available on mobile devices or android devices.


2. Sendwin

Sendwin helps you to Access multiple accounts on your favoured website from a solitary browser. Login to multiple records on the corresponding site simultaneously. No more need for additional browsers and hidden mode to access two accounts concurrently, permit Sendwin to obligations these to you. Sendwin can be utilized freely as guest user. For registered customers, your sessions are securely synchronized between different browser making use of your Sendwin. Sendwin is a platform with plentiful login options. Sendwin permits you to log into several records on the same webpage at the same time without divulging your password. There is no longer any requirement for alternative web browsers, innumerable tabs, Rescued meetings, and unsecure meetings. The additional features provided by this extension is that it provides you complete online privacy.

There are three premium plans available, each providing increased benefits.


3. LastPass

Scheduling a meeting through email can be quite the time-suck and hassle, but imagine all of the time you waste trying to remember or search for your passwords? Not to mention the time it takes to recover seemingly lost or forgotten ones.

Given that the average business user has a staggering 100+ passwords, this is an understandable challenge.

LastPass eliminates the hassle of managing multiple Email address and passwords by letting you securely store them for easy access. All you have to remember is one master password and its free extension will login to everything automatically. It is also an one of the must-have chrome extension.



Scribe is a browser extension that rapidly generates step-by-step instructions guides via the recordings of your screen browser window. It logs your clicks and keystrokes and transforms them into written instructions and visuals. Scribes can be shared through a link or injected into a CMS, database, or support system. Leverage Scribe to demonstrate to another how to speedily do something, craft training courses or SOPs, or assist in the onboarding of your customers.


5.HTTPS Everywhere

The “HTTPS” protocol is a feature of many websites that provides you with an extra layer of security when you visit. While it can be seen at the start of many domain names, it’s not everywhere on the web and doesn’t guarantee a totally secure experience.

By using the Chrome extension HTTPS Everywhere, you can ensure that all requests sent to websites in Chrome are automatically turned into secure connections. Rest assured that your data will remain protected, and your computer will remain free of malicious software while browsing online.


6. Grammarly 

Grammarly is highly regarded as the number one automated spelling and grammar checker. It doesn’t detect all mistakes, but it does an excellent job of finding common grammar and punctuation errors (as well as typos), which reduces the amount of reviewing and editing time. Grammarly works great in Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, and other website builders for bloggers and offers numerous word synonyms extension for Developers who write Article, blog. Also, you get the benefit of a spell checker and grammar checker on Grammarly’s website and have your Google Drive uploads checked for all types of typos. Whether you are replying to emails or drafting your next article on Google Docs, Grammarly is an extension which can help you write better.

(Grammarly is also accessible on mobile devices or android devices.)

7. Honey 

Honey has gained a lot of acclaim and is one of the most popular Chrome extensions. It’s easy to understand why – it allows you to quickly find coupons online either through an icon next to the URL or on a separate website, making it easy and fast.

Purchasing online can be complicated and finding the best deal isn’t easy, but Honey can help by doing the research for you and ensuring you get the most competitive prices.


8. Buffer

Using Buffer, you can conveniently share any website’s content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re already a Buffer client, the extension allows you to plan posts within your browser without accessing the Buffer website. Additionally, you can add posts for later publication too.


9.  Ad-Blocker Plus 

Adblock Plus is a must have chrome extension which  is a highly ranked, tried and true ad blocker, downloaded more than half a billion times. It offers all kinds of features: blocking irritating video ads and banners, pop-ups, stopping tracking while performing online activities and giving you privacy, protection against malicious malvertising that can be camouflaged in ads, faster browsing as resources are blocked from loading; and the option to customize features such as whitelisting favorite sites. Moreover, its key features are, it offers free and constant support plus more control over your web surfing experience.The paid plan’s analytics tool is where it really shines, which offers access to detailed insights.


10. StayFocused

StayFocusd allows you to allocate your allotted time between specific websites, so you can avoid distractions and stay focused on online activities (work). It’s extremely adjustable—for example, it can be set for 20 minutes for Twitter and only five minutes for Facebook. It also has great features, such as the Require Challenge: If a person tries to change their time limits after they have been set, they must complete a task (like rewriting some text without any mistakes or responding to certain questions) before access is granted again.


11. Hola VPN 

As the popularity and knowledge of VPNs skyrocket, there are now hundreds (if not thousands!) of Chrome VPN extensions accessible in the Chrome Web Store. We have compiled a list of the best ones: these Chrome extensions are user-friendly, secure, protect your privacy effectively, and deliver reasonable speeds. Also, this specific Chrome extension does not require you to subscribe; it lets you surf the web anonymously and securely without needing to pay for an outside VPN Extensions. Hola Free VPN is an excellent example — if you want to remain anonymous online or access content from another country, this tool can provide you with that for free.


12. Screenity

I highly suggest Screenity, it is a simple-to-utilize screen recording software for Chrome. The plugin enables you to record your Chrome’s window with only one click, and additionally gives you an effortless shareable link once you complete recording. It’s the optimal method to record Chrome and distribute the recording with others without having to transfer the file elsewhere. Additionally, it presents some innovative enhancements as well. You can add your facecam to screen capturing, initiate GIFs from screen capture, modify videos, annotate while documenting the screen, and even more. To put it shortly, should you need to pick one screen recorder for Chrome, then make it Screenity. It offers indefinite recording and has diverse recording options including screencapture (for awesome screenshot) high quality screenshot, utensils and audio recordings.


13. Dark Reader 

Dark Reader is a browser extension which brings dark mode to each website. Just click on the Dark Reader extension icon and it will use the dark theme to whatever page you’re on. It also grants more exact power over the requested dark theme as one can supervise brightness, contrast, generate sepia filters corrections, modify font settings and more. By utilizing Dark Reader, you can get Chrome’s dark setting on any website that you go to. If you favor dark mode, do check this one out.


14. Rescue time 

Great for people needing to monitor the amount of time expended on different online tasks. Rescue Time is a remarkable efficiency application VPN extension that provides awareness into your conduct. It operates with both desktop and mobile devices, so you can comprehend how your period is used while in the house and while travelling. This app is ideal for private use and isn’t presented as a timing monitoring option for enterprises. It showcases multiple features such as Note-taking of computer activity., Tracker of time exhausted on gatherings and telephone calls., Periodic email overview of behavior. dividing productive and unproductive hours, days comparison apparatus, Curbing access to websites.


15. V maker

The Vmaker Chrome Extension is the browser plugin version of its popular application, which is one of the top screen and webcam recorders in the market because of its simple interface and simple interface. Comparisons have been made by users to other well-known recorders such as Loom. Through this extension, users can access an easy way to capture both their screens and cameras with just a few clicks.

The videos are bereft of watermarks making them suitable for professional use. As soon as they are captured, the videos are uploaded to the cloud at once, where they can be shared with any individual quickly with a single click. The whole procedure of adding the plugin, taping, and then viewing the clips occurs in few clicks which makes it highly simple and straightforward to employ. recording methods, unlimited recording, high-quality screen recording, recording modes, plain surface.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To summarize, these fifteen Chrome extensions should help you in 2023: Calendar, Sendwin,LastPass, Scribe, HTTPS Everywhere, Grammarly, Honey, Buffer, Adblock Plus, StayFocusd, Hola free VPN, Screenity, Dark Reader, Rescue Time and V Maker.


Q1) Is it safe to use Google Chrome extensions?

Answer: Generally, when you download Chrome extensions from the Chrome store, you can trust that they are legitimate. Nevertheless, occasionally, malicious programs could manage to slip through. If this occurs, Google tends to take speedy steps to delete them. In spite of that, it is important to inspect the approvals you offer each add-on and investigate reviews or visit its dedicated website in order to be comfortable.


Q2) Does adding more extensions to Chrome impact the browser’s performance?

Answer: Using too many Chrome extensions can certainly slow down your browser’s performance. How much of an impact depends on the specific extension, and you may find that certain extensions also cover up parts of the webpage when you’re browsing, which can be annoying if you have a lot of them at once.


Q3) Does installing a browser extension give access to my data?

Answer: Yes, Google Chrome does have an authorization system for extensions. Unfortunately, many extensions require access to everything on your computer in order to function correctly, and even an extension that is limited to one website can collect data from your device.


Q4) What is the process for accessing Chrome extensions?

Answer: Here is how to access Chrome extension , Follow the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  3.  Go to Settings
  4.  Click on the “Extensions.”
  5. Here, you will see all the extensions installed on your Google Chrome browser.
  6.  From here, you can edit, remove, enable or remove any extension from your Chrome browser.

Q5) Is it safe to use Chrome extensions?

Answer: Chrome extensions can be used securely if their website’s privacy policy, quality of support and other important considerations are taken into consideration. Furthermore, reading the reviews and ratings of the extension is highly recommended for optimal protection.



15 best chrome extensions for 2023









  • To summarize, these fifteen Chrome extensions should help you in 2023: Calendar, Sendwin,LastPass, Scribe, HTTPS Everywhere, Grammarly, Honey, Buffer, Adblock Plus, StayFocusd, Hola free VPN, Screenity, Dark Reader, Rescue Time and V Maker.
  • Checker plus for Google calendar is a useful Chrome extension that streamlines scheduling. It gives you the option to distribute your calendar availability via email or to post it online, and those invited can select one of the available slots.
  • Sendwin allows you to log into multiple accounts on the same site at once, potentially boosting your productivity.
  • LastPass is an ideal solution for those wanting to increase their online security and streamline password management. It enables users to create strong passwords, save digital notes, and access information offline.
  • Scribe is an excellent resource for rapid and effortless production of instructional materials.
  • Using HTTPS Everywhere is an excellent way to keep yourself secure when you’re online.
  • Grammarly is an effective tool for people who want to make sure their writing is erroneous and comprehensible.
  • Honey is an ideal Chrome extension for anyone who wishes to save money while shopping online.
  • Buffer is a handy Chrome extension for those who wish to post quickly and regularly on social media platforms. It gives users the ability to plan out posts in their browser, and schedule them to be shared in the future.
  • AdBlock Plus, a Chrome extension, is an excellent choice for those wanting to block ads, secure their privacy and enhance their browsing experience.
  • For enhanced productivity, StayFocusd is an excellent web browser extension to help you stay focused.
  • Hola Free VPN is an excellent option for those seeking a secure and anonymous browsing experience.
  • If you’re seeking an effortless way to capture your Chrome window, Screenity is the perfect option.
  • The Chrome extension Dark Reader offers a great way to browse the internet in dark mode.
  • Rescue Time, a Chrome extension, is great for anyone looking to monitor their online activity or increase their productivity.
  • The Vmaker Chrome Extension is an ideal solution for recording your screen and webcam quickly and easily.


Chrome extensions can be a great way to enhance your browsing experience and stay secure online. The 15 best Chrome extensions for 2023 are Calendar, Sendwin, LastPass, Scribe, HTTPS Everywhere, Grammarly and others mentioned above. It is important to read the reviews and ratings of any extension before installing it in order to ensure optimal security.

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