How to Manage Multiple Accounts Easily Using Sendwin 2022

There are millions of people who utilize social media networks on a daily basis. Some individuals have separate accounts for their job and personal lives. On the other side, some persons manage many social media profiles, such as social media managers. However, you can manage your profile and company pages and groups from a single browser and session.

Would you need to use two or three accounts on the computer or phone simultaneously to do the work? You can face several hassles while managing multiple accounts from a single browser. We’ve done the homework, and this article will walk you through the problems 

How SendWin overcomes all these issues while managing numerous accounts.

  • Wastage of Time During Switching Tabs

Shifting from one tab to another back and forth isn’t multitasking; it’s simply sabotaging your productivity and increasing the likelihood of committing a mistake. The actual adversary of workers’ time, stress level, and productivity was the number of tabs they get expected to utilize, as well as the frequent back-and-forth necessary to use them.

  • Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is, also known as “private mode,” is a function in web browsers that allows you to access the Internet anonymously without preserving your history or web cache. It does not store any of your browsing histories. After closing the incognito tab, you have to log in again since this mode prevents your browser from remembering which account you were logged in with before. This mode can make things stressful for you because you won’t remember your passwords, saved pages, or other saved things.

  • You have to Create Separate User Profiles

Another problem you will face while using numerous accounts simultaneously is to create distinct user profiles in the browser. Each user will have their browser history, preferences, bookmarks, and themes.

Manage Multiple Accounts Using SendWin

Wouldn’t it be excellent to be able to access all of your online accounts from a single browser session? It might be inconvenient to jump between different email accounts, social media sites, and other services every time you want to log in. What if you could access numerous accounts in the same browser and session? You can be using Sendwin!

You may access all of your online accounts from a single browser session. Everything from your many Facebook profiles to your email accounts and much more is available. The simple design allows for rapid switching between multiple websites and accounts, allowing you to get more work done in less time than ever before. Managing numerous sessions has never been simpler than with SendWin.

How SendWin Works

SendWin is a sessionbox alternative, a sophisticated chromic plugin that enables you to access many activities from a single profile and share your sessions with a single click, and it is reasonably priced. This session box alternative allows you to manage multiple accounts by simultaneously enabling logins from various accounts on the same website, eliminating the need for a secondary browser or private session.

SendWin is a tool/browser extension that allows you to log in to several accounts on the same website from the same browser. Sendwin will enable you to manage all of your Gmail accounts, Facebook accounts, and other accounts, allowing you to increase your productivity and save time.

For example, suppose you have two distinct Facebook or Twitter accounts. In that case, you may utilize both of them inside the same browser without needing to launch a private browsing window or another browser. The straightforward design enables you to swiftly navigate between various websites and accounts, allowing you to manage many accounts at the same time.

Sendwin has a plethora of excellent features that allow you to log in to different accounts on the same browser while maintaining rock-solid privacy security. That is why SendWin is known as the finest session box alternative. It’s never been simpler to manage several sessions than with Sendwin!

Benefits of Using SendWin

Switch Accounts with Ease

The most commonly asked issue is if it is possible to switch accounts. The answer is yes; you can switch between various accounts with just one click access utilizing SendWin.

Share Session Across Device

Using your SendWin account, your sessions get securely synced across your devices. SendWin enables you to sync all sessions across all of your devices with a single click.

Multiple Login Made Easy

Sendwin’s hassle-free multi-login solution might help you increase your productivity. Using this session box alternative, you may cut your productivity pipeline by 80% and your effort by 60%.

Session Isolation on Every Tab

Using this session box alternative reduces your workload by quickly isolating and testing new copy variations.

Different Browser in Single Window

SendWin will manage all of your secondary browsers and private sessions, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Bookmark your Favourite Sessions

Your favorite sessions account and your most often used accounts may be saved right in your browser tab.

Premium Proxy Addon

Protect pages you don’t want others to see, such as your account or billing pages, without your consent.

Protect every Session Pages

Protect pages you don’t want others to see, such as your account or billing pages, without your consent.


With a few clicks, you can blur session tabs. Blur any chosen text or page, and conceal important information on a web page with this free online tool.

Session Timer for Session Share

Display set a timer for each session in SendWin so that you can know when you’ve reached your limit.

SendWin protects your Privacy

SendWin does not utilize shared data, other tabs and websites will not track your activities.

Rock-Solid Security

Every session uses AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 bit for asymmetric operations, with AES-256 being the default.

The Bottom Line

SendWin is the best session box alternative that provides fantastic customer service!

You may access all of your online accounts from a single browser session. Everything from your many Facebook profiles to your email accounts and much more is available. Faster website and account switching is now possible thanks to the simplicity of the SendWin interface and the increased productivity it brings. SendWin makes managing several sessions a breeze! We hope that this article has answered all SendWin-related queries. This tool will undoubtedly assist you in managing many accounts simultaneously.

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