Top 5 Must have Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketer

Introduction: Top 5 Must-have Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketers

Hello readers! Welcome back to another post by Sendwin. Are you a Social Media Marketer? If yes, Do you wanna know about some Chrome Extensions that can help you in making your life easy?

Inside this post here, we’ve shared with you the 5 best Chrome extensions that’ll help you boost up a lot of things and basically make your life easier as a Social Media Marketer.

Why Chrome extensions are needed for Social Media marketers?

Being a Social Media Marketer means dealing with a lot of Brands and the output is always expected to be a great one. In such a case, isn’t it great to have such tools that help you create better results? Yes, right? So, it’s always good to have a workload right being a marketer and making your day achieve its whole potential. So, to turn your day into a more proficient and useful one, you can use Chrome’s web store, just by introducing an extension.

Overview: Top 5 Must-have Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketers

The 5 best Chrome extensions that can assist any Social Media Marketer, to boost their productivity have been listed below and these are the ones we’ll cover today. So guys here’s the list of the extension that you can install which would help you in your work life as a marketer:

1. App for IW

2. Grammarly

3. SendWin

4. Similar Sites

5. Ritetag

You can also check out this embedded video to get better clarity.


Let’s Discover the top 5 must-have Productivity Tools for Social Media marketers


1. App for IW :

App for IW is the easiest way to open and check your Instagram webpage from your desktop machine (PC, MAC, or Linux). Clicking on the toolbar button renders Instagram in a standalone UI.

Why use App for IW?

App for IW opens in a simple and stand-alone popup window (as opposed to the toolbar panel or sidebar), and once closed, completely clears off and won’t have any further background activities. Having this behaviour, it is considered a very lite addon and does not add any additional burden to your browser. Moreover, you can adjust the window size from the extension’s options page.

Get App for IW here: CLICK

2. Grammarly :

Grammarly is a software that has the ultimate grammar knowledge, combined with spelling checking capabilities, advanced suggestions, clarity corrections, and style adjustments.

The extension follows you on most sites that have text fields and it’ll start running as soon as you start typing after enabling it. The best extension would be your proofreader.

Why use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a superb extension for everyone irrespective of any field you belong to. It can significantly cut your typing time due to typos, affect your overall writing performance, and leave you worry-free when you have to send an important email or any write-up.

Get Grammarly here: CLICK

3. Sendwin:

SendWin is a multi-login platform to manage multiple accounts from one browser. Use multiple accounts on your favourite website. Log in to multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. No more need for secondary browsers, or private sessions, let Sendwin handle these for you.

Why use Sendwin?

SendWin aims to increase your productivity by decreasing the amount of time and effort that you put in things like switching browser profiles, connecting to a VPN Network, using other tools for maintaining your passwords, and a long list goes on.

You just need SendWin for all your needs.

Get SendWin here: CLICK

4. Similar Sites :

There are millions of websites that we all browse on a daily basis and often find ourselves looking for a similar website to consume content from, shop from or just generally explore. With SimilarSites, you can find websites related to the ones you’re currently browsing in seconds.

Once you have downloaded the extension and have started browsing your favourite websites, simply click on the extension to see a list of recommended and comparable sites that are associated with the one you’re currently on.

Why use Similar Sites?

– To Shop Smarter: It is perfect for discovering new shopping sites similar to the ones you currently buy from.

– To Consume Content: While reading your favourite content online, this extension will recommend new outlets to help grow your reading list.

– Travel and Leisure: If you’re planning your next vacation or need some day trip ideas, you can now get the best bang for your buck! this extension will provide you with related web links to the ones you’re used to searching.

Get Similar Sites here: CLICK

5. Ritetag : 

Get hashtag suggestions for images and texts on any site through Ritetag. Generate hashtags for images, texts and that too with colours indicating the hashtag strength.

Why use Ritetag?

Rietag gives you a ton of amazing features such as:

– Mouseover any hashtag in the bar to see brief recommendations.

– Click any hashtag in the bar to add it to the post.

– Click the Copy button to copy all suggested hashtags to your clipboard.

– Click Compare to compare the stats of hashtags currently shown in the bar.

– Click the RiteTag browser button to show/hide the RiteTag bar.

Get Ritetag here: CLICK

That was it: 5 Must Chrome extensions for Social Media Marketer

So these are a few of the chrome extensions must for social media marketers that we discussed today in this post. I hope that it has helped you to understand everything explained. Do check the video for more clarity over it.

With that, I strongly recommend you to go check out SendWin. It’s completely free. You can go install the extension and start using it right from today. Also, we have premium plans. I definitely suggest you check out the premium plans too.

They’re super affordable super cheap and you can protect your privacy. You can do a lot more with SendWin.

So with this, I’d like to wind up the post here. Till then I’ll see you in another post, take care and bye-bye!!

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