How to create your first session in SendWin - What is Saved and Unsaved sessions?

Introduction : How to create your first session in SendWin

Hello readers! Welcome back to another post by Sendwin. In this post we’ll talk about creating your First session with SendWin. We will get to know how exactly sessions are created inside session. The SendWin extension is used primarily to create sessions for any website. You can multiple isolated tabs for any website using SendWin and we’ll discover how in this post.


What are Sessions in SendWin?

Sessions inside SendWin simply means any new tab that you create for any website. The new session so created is an isolated tab which has got it’s own identity and anything you do in this tab doesn’t affect the other tab. There’s no limit on the number of sessions you can create with SendWin. 


Overview: How to create your first session in SendWin

It is super easy, super simple to create sessions with SendWin. SendWin allows you to create session in multiple ways. If you wanna create your first session inside of SendWin then this post will explain in detail regarding it.

Let’s now learn a little about SendWin:

Introduction to SendWin

SendWin is a multi-login platform to manage multiple accounts from one browser. Use multiple accounts on your favorite website. Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. No more need for secondary browsers, private sessions, let Sendwin handle these for you.

SendWin aims to increase your productivity by decreasing the amount of time and effort that you put in things like switching browser profiles, connecting to a VPN Network, using other tools for maintaining your passwords, and a long list goes on.

You just need SendWin for all your needs.


How to create your first session in SendWin

Here are the steps to create your first session in SendWin:

Step 1: Visit the website you want to create a session for

Step 2: Click on the SendWin extension icon

Step 3: Click on Saved session

Step 4: Give it a Name

Step 5: Enter a group name

Step 6: Create session


What is Saved and Unsaved sessions?

Saved sessions allow you to save your credential and you can login to multiple profiles of the same site. Watch the video completely to know more about SendWin and how do you install it in your browser.

You can also check out this embedded video to get a better clarity.

That was it: How to create your first session in SendWin

So this was how you create session in SendWin that we discussed today in this post. I hope that it has helped you to understand how sessions are created inside SendWin

With that, I strongly recommend you to go check out SendWin. It’s completely free. You can go install the extension and start using it right from today. Also we have the premium plans. I definitely suggest you to check out the premium plans too.

They’re super affordable super cheap and you can protect your privacy. You can do a lot more with SendWin.

So with this I’d like to wind up the post here. Till then I’ll see you in another post, take care and ba bye!!


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