Sendwin Vs SessionBOX Which Is Better?

Are You Looking For The Best Online Extension Tool That Helps You To Manage Multiple Accounts At Once In An Single Browser? You May Have Heard Of Sessionbox But Only Few Have Heard About The Sendwin Extension? As Technology Has Evolved Now A Days Each And Everyone Have More Than 1 Or 2 Accounts And It Is Really Difficult To Use 2 Or More Accounts At Once And For Digital Marketers They Have To Be Active In Multiple Accounts So To Make It Easy For Them And Helping Them To Use Multiple Accounts At Once There Are This Two Extension Sessionbox And Sendwin. In This Article We’ll Discuss Sendwin Vs SessionBOX Which Is Better And Which One Should You Go For.


What Is Session Box ?

Session Box Is An Extension Which Helps You To Manage Multiple Accounts In An Single Browser Very Easily. You Can Create An Independent Tab With Just A Click Of A Button. And Use One Browser With Multiple Active Sessions Per Site. No More Need For Secondary Browsers, Private Sessions, Let Sessionbox Handle These For You. Your Sessions Are Securely Synchronised Between Your Devices With The Help Of This Extension.


What Is Sendwin ?

Sendwin Is An Browser Extension Which Lets You Manage Multiple Accounts On Your Favorite Website From Single Browser. Log Into Multiple Accounts On The Same Site With Ease. No More Need For Going Into Secondary Browsers And Incognito Mode To Access Two Account Simultaneously, Let This Extension Handle These For You. It Is A Platform With Many Login Options. It Allows You To Log Into Several Accounts On The Same Website At The Same Time Without Disclosing Your Password. But Provide You Various Features As Well.


Which One Is Better ?

Both The Extension Provides You The Same Facility, But Sendwin Is Better As Compared To Sessionbox It Not Only Helps You To Manage Multiple Accounts In A Single Browser But Also Provides You Various Features:

  • Blur Session Tabs.
  • Share Session With Ease..
  • Bookmarks Session For Bookmarking Your Favorite Session.
  • Set Timer For Session Share.
  • Proxy Addon.
  • Solid Security.
  • Session Isolation.


Why Sendwin Is Better Then Session Box?

1. Sendwin Plans Are Much More Cheaper As Compared To The Sessionbox.

2.  Sendwin Provides You Proxy Addon Features Which Helps You To Add Proxy And Hide Your Ip Address.

3. With The Sendwin Extension You Can Bookmark Sessions That You Like.

4. Sendwin Is An New Extension With Not Only The Multi-login Feature But With Various Other Features.

5. It Provides You Unique Blur Feature Which Helps You To Blur Any Content That You Dont Want To Share.

6. Best Thing About Sendwin Is That You Can Share The Any Session You Want With Anyone With The Session      Share Feature.

7. Sendwin Is Also Known As A All One In Extension Which Provides You Features Of Various Extension.


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