Sign Into Mulitple Gmail Accounts at Once using sendwin

Do you ever find yourself needing to check multiple Gmail accounts at once? Maybe you want to keep your personal and professional emails separate, or perhaps you just want easier access to both. With Sendwin, you can now sign into multiple Gmail accounts with ease.

There are many ways to stay organized when managing multiple email accounts. Services like Google make it easy to switch between different identities in the same browser window – but not everyone has time for that. That’s why having a quick and simple way to manage multiple account logins is essential for anyone using more than one mailbox.

Sendwin is an innovative tool for users looking for a straightforward solution to accessing multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously without having to switch back and forth between windows or tabs. It’s easy to set up, efficient, and secure! In this article, we’ll discuss how Sendwin helps you to Sign In To Multiple Gmail Accounts at once so you can save time and energy.


Benefits of Having Mulitple Gmail Accounts.

  1. – Easily separate work and personal communications in seconds.
  2. – Maintain added security by keeping different passwords for each account.
  3. – Save time by managing multiple accounts at once without having to manually log out and back in again.
  4. – Avoid inboxes littered with irrelevant content from multiple accounts, as Gmail filters will help keep you organized.
  5. – Take advantage of storage capacity across multiple accounts, making room for more photos, videos, and documents to be stored safely online.


Benefits Of Using Multiple Gmail Accounts At once.

  1. You can easily keep track of your inboxes and messages from different accounts.
  2. Easily manage multiple email accounts.
  3. Stay connected with your work and personal life at the same time.
  4. Keep multiple email accounts separate and organized.
  5. No need to spend time sorting through multiple inboxes.
  6. You can access your Gmail account on multiple devices simultaneously.


What is Extensions ?

Extensions are a feature of Google Chrome that allow you to add new features and extensions to the browser. Extensions are written in a programming language called Chromium, and they can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, they can be accessed through the “Extensions” menu in Chrome. Extensions can be added to the “New Tab” page, the “Bookmarks” page, or the “Windows” menu.


Benefits of using Extension.

The benefits of using extensions are numerous.

  1. Extensions can help you customize your browsing experience, allowing you to tailor the browser to your needs.
  2. They can also help you save time by automating tasks or providing quick access to frequently used websites.
  3. Additionally, extensions can provide added security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking cookies, and other malicious content. Finally, extensions can be used to enhance productivity by providing
  4. access to useful tools and services.
  5. Extensions can also be used to add new features and functionality to the browser. For example, extensions can be used to add a calculator, a currency converter, or a dictionary.
  6. Extensions can also be used to add new themes and skins to the browser, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your browser.
  7. Finally, extensions can be used to add new tools and services that are not available in the browser by default.


What is Sendwin ?

Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once

Sendwin is a browser extension that makes it easier for you to manage multiple accounts for your favorite websites in one place. Log into two or more accounts simultaneously with Sendwin and say goodbye to having to use an extra browser or incognito mode.


Benefits Of Using Sendwin Extension?

  1. Using Sendwin, you can switch between multiple accounts with just one simple click and make the process of switching much more convenient.
  2. Sendwin’s Multiple login feature can speed up your productivity pipeline by 80% and decrease the amount of time you spend working by 60%.
  3. Sendwin also enables you to bookmark your preferred sessions, store your most utilized accounts in your browser tab for easy access.
  4. Furthermore, Sendwin offers the capability to share sessions with whomever you choose.
  5. Sendwin provides a convenient way to blur session tabs as well as any text you’d like to conceal from a web page.
  6. Every session is secured utilizing AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 bit for asymmetric operations for absolute safety.
  7. Additionally, Sendwin offers Premium Proxy Add-on features to help you add proxy protection to pages such as accounts and billing information that you don’t want to share without authorization.

Sendwin FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question )

Question1. How to share a session?

Answer :

Search for the base session and open session settings.
Open the share tab option.
Click on share button.
Enter email and select time frame.

Question 2. How many sessions can I have with the Free Plan?

Answer : The free plan has restrictions on usage.

If you have a free subscription, you’ll be limited to 5 normal sessions, with a maximum of 5 parallel active sessions at any one time. However, for synchronized sessions, there are no restrictions. In addition, you can also create an unlimited number of temporary sessions.

To gain access to unlimited local and stored sessions, as well as unlimited parallel sessions, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan or higher.

Question 3. Does Sendwin Support mobile devices?

Answer : Currently Sendwin does not support mobile devices. They are constantly working on new things.

Question 4. How can i check extension version?

Answer :

Right click on Sendwin extension icon in the browser menu bar
Select Manage extensions option
On the extensions look for Sendwin and check the version number

Question 5. How To Install Sendwin Extension?

Answer :

  1. Go to chrome web store
  2. Search for SendWin in search
  3. Click on Add to Chrome

How To Sign into Multiple Gmail Accounts At Once Using Sendwin

step1: Go to your gmail account.

step2: Click on the sendwin extension.


Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once


step3: An dialogue box will appear , click on saved session.


Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once

step4: Give it a name and group name.


Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once


step5: once you are done click on add.


Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once


step6: An new gmail tab will appear , Now you can sign in your second account.


Sign In To Mulitple Gmail Accounts At Once

step7: If you want to sign in more repeat the same process.



Sendwin is a great tool to help you sign in to multiple Gmail accounts at once. It provides features such as switching between multiple accounts with one click, bookmarking your favorite sessions, sharing sessions with others, and providing rock-solid security. To use Sendwin to sign into multiple Gmail accounts, simply go to your Gmail account and click on the Sendwin extension. Then follow the steps of giving it a name and group name, and click on add. An new Gmail tab will appear, allowing you to sign in your second account. Repeat this process for any additional accounts you would like to sign into.




Sendwin is a great tool for those who need to sign in to multiple Gmail accounts at once. It provides features such as switching between multiple accounts with one click, bookmarking your favorite sessions, sharing sessions with others, and providing rock-solid security. With Sendwin, signing into multiple Gmail accounts is easy and secure.

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