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Hello! Welcome back to another post by SendWin. I hope you must be doing great. So you must be definitely thinking about “Is SendWin worth it?” right? In this post we’re gonna have a deeper look into what signing has got to offer and how powerful it is you know we’re gonna have a complete assessment of how sand green can be helpful to you.

I’d like to suggest you to check out this Post right here. It talks about the various user cases like you know we’ve talked about five different cases:  one of the Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, E-Commerce Vendor, Social Media Marketer and a Normal day-to-day user.

Before all of your questions are addressed, let’s take a look on the main subject of the question and know about it.

What is Sendwin?

Sendwin helps you to have access to multiple accounts on your favorite website. Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. No more need for secondary browsers, private sessions, let Sendwin handle these for you. Your sessions are securely synchronised between different browser by using your Sendwin account. Start a session here and continue it in any other chrome browser.

Sendwin is a productivity tool. Sendwin helps to log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously without sharing password. No more need for secondary browsers, multiple tabs, private sessions, Sendwin handles these for you.

Is SendWin worth it?

Let’s analyze this using various situations or cases.

Privacy Concern:

If you’re someone who’s concerned about privacy, now let me tell you Sendwin protects your privacy! How? It allows you to browse anonymously! You know you can just open up a new google chrome tab using Sendwin  and whatever you search here it’s gonna be anonymous because Sendwin is protecting you through its proxies right now and Google would ever know it’s you who’s performing the search because it is proxied.

Sendwin has its AI technology that helps you stay secure and it protects you from all the companies who are trying to figure out whether or not this is a duplicate account or it’s the same user doing the multiple tasks. You’re going to be safe through Sendwin,  who is up there like a bodyguard for you that protects your privacy and is there for your security always.


If you’re someone who runs multiple social media accounts or has got multiple social media accounts and you can’t access them from one single browser, you have to switch from profiles to tabs so in that case Sendwin is there to help you out. It allows you to log into multiple social media accounts right from one single browser just under one group through which you can manage all your social accounts and all simultaneously.

It is Sendwin that makes it possible for you in case you wanted to run multiple accounts, you don’t have to do the hard work anymore because now you’ve got Sendwin, a powerful tool that allows you to log into multiple accounts simultaneously making it hassle-free.

I’m gonna share a few interesting features regarding Sendwin in terms of creating sessions with it. When you create a session with Sendwin, it automatically gives it a unique identity, all new sections that you create with Sendwin has got its own unique identity has got its own metadata for which other companies can never ever know that their same profile has been accessed by the same browser, same device and perhaps by the same person.

Single Click Login:

Do you know that you can bookmark sessions? That means you can save your favorite session! You might have five to six profiles you can bookmark one of them that’s your favorite and can keep it safe and also at the same time with just a click of a single button you can log in back to your account without having to re-enter your passwords every time. Sendwin makes it possible to login with a single click and you can do this by creating save sessions

Sendwin allows you to create two types of sessions unsaved sessions and a saved sessions so when you create a saved session you can directly log in back to the account without having to enter your credentials so that’s what you can do with Sendwin and let’s explore more what you can do with Sendwin.

Share Sessions:

If you’re there managing a team and you all like have to access the same profile, maybe like a instagram profile or facebook profile so what you can do is you have the credentials for it you can literally share all these credentials without even revealing the password.

You can share the complete session, you can share the login page of the facebook without sharing the password so you know that is something
that’s really cool that is something interesting.

So let me explain to you about this, so Sendwin allows you to share sessions so what that means is that you can share the whole login page by clicking on a single button and with this you can share this with your teammates and anyone you know goes there with you as a partner in Sendwin, they access with you so you can share the same session and they can basically log in with a click of a single button and they never know what the password is.

So that is the cool thing here and now you can judge upon it with all these features with all these innovations and term you can say that Sendwin is worth it.

Blur Sections of a Webpage:

You got a feature here where you can blur certain parts of the pages of any webpage that you’re accessing. If you’ve got something sensitive and cool that you don’t want to share, you can use this feature of Sendwin and let me tell you that this is also shareable under the sessions.

So if you’ve got some website and you don’t want others to see a certain part of the web page or like complete web page you can blur it out there instead with Sendwin so this is another thing that it allows and helps you to do.

Commercial Rights:

If you’re a business or some entity and you want to use handling for some business purpose or commercial purpose, let me tell you that Sendwin avails you of commercial license for it . You have to upgrade to the pro plan because you can’t do this using the free plan.

Sendwin has got its AI technology that has got its own heuristics, that allows us to identify whether or not the extension is used for a commercial purpose or non-commercial purpose so for that reason if you’re using it for commercial purpose like using it on some website or certain websites like running ads etc. So we can easily figure it out.

Then you can’t really use Sendwin for multiple accounts that way because it has to be commercialized on that regard, so for this you need to upgrade to the pro plan and pro plans which are quite affordable.


If you talk about affordability it comes at just $ 2.99. All the pro plans are commercialized which means you get commercial rights and perhaps with the commercial rights all your sanctions are super protected by this and by the system of Sendwin you have a double layer security there and thus you are assured and can have a complete peace of mind, so I definitely recommend you.

When you’re using Sendwin for some heavy tasks do upgrade yourself to the pro, it comes at a super super super affordable cost of just $ 2.99 a month that’s cheap and that’s affordable. You can also upgrade to the pro plus bank to get complete access to all the features and it comes at just $ 6.9 a month which is again super affordable!

Should we go for it?

Yes, YOU should! After reading all of the above what are you waiting for? Just go grab it and make it yours now! It’s definitely a best choice with easy and affordable prices and offers.

At the end, I leave it up on you to decide. Based on all these features whether or not is Sendwin worth it? I definitely believe that Sendwin is WORTH it and why to take my word? see for yourself go install the extension if you haven’t already.

Go check out all the features, see what segment has got to offer you and also if it satisfy you, definitely go check out the pro plans. The programs have got a lot more to offer and a lot more you can explore and it allows you to boost your productivity and take it to the peak level you know you can reach the pinnacle of your productivity through this amazing tool.

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