Top 10 Reasons Why Your Amazon Seller Account has been suspended 2022

We all seem to love online shopping! Why? Duh! No need to go to the store, that too, in such unsafe times. In fact, you get such amazing deals and discounts. Honestly, one can save a fortune by online shopping. No Kidding, guys!

E-commerce has phenomenally taken over the world. In fact, there are around $12-$25 million e-commerce platforms globally. Millions of entrepreneurs are now online sellers. With the help of e-commerce, businesses have boosted their sales and customer base.

For any seller, an e-commerce account is quite valuable. It is the leading portal or hub of business for sellers. That is why; sellers guard their e-commerce accounts with life, literally.

Now, the seller’s account goes into a burnout phase; it is suspended for any reason. Poor thing! Hey, no. Jokes aside, e-commerce seller account suspension is not a joke at all. For any seller, e-commerce account suspension can be a matter of life and death. In essence, it spells disaster.

If your account has been suspended, first, we are sorry. Secondly, are you aware of the exact reason(s) behind suspension? Having this knowledge will help you understand and process the situation in a sound manner. Further, you will be able to take action accordingly.

If you are aware of the reasons behind your e-commerce account suspension, what are the dickens you are doing here? Just go on a vacation now. If you are not aware, stick with us. Moreover, if you are to gain knowledge, you are such a smarty. It is good to have you.

So, please take a deep breath and bear with us. Let us now shower you with our divine wisdom. Listen there. We will help you know precisely what the reason behind the suspension of your e-commerce account might be. Please know e-commerce sites are heavily regulated and maintained.

Therefore, with an active mind and a cup of espresso, read further.

What is Amazon Seller Suspension?

Amazon account suspension implies that you would be denied the ability to offer your items on Amazon’s platforms while your account is suspended.

Amazon would notify you of the suspended reason via an email notice. You would need to review the concerns listed in the email and develop an appealing reaction plan in order to have your rights restored.

However, this would be a bit behind schedule and would have an impact on your company and the integrity of the company. This ban is the result of three primary issues. The following are the details:

· Selling counterfeit products

· Violating copyrights

· Performance, etc.

In the next paragraphs, we would indulge in a more in-depth discussion of these problems.

Stages of Suspension

In most cases, based on the intensity of your offence and the outcome of your appeals, you will be suspended for some time.

In most suspensions, you have the right to appeal your punishment UNLESS Amazon has determined that you have committed a policy violation that is beyond reprehensibility.

For example, at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, a price-gouging case surrounding several of the most critical products led to an instant ban without the opportunity to appeal.

  1. Suspension — It is an official notice that your membership or an item posting has been banned, as well as the grounds for the suspension. Your option to challenge and “correct the issue” by presenting an action plan is protected under the law.
  2. Denied — Your suspension appeal has been refused, which indicates that it has been rejected. Alternatively, you may choose to update and resubmit your plan of action for additional consideration.
  3. Banned — Having your account banned implies that Amazon is reluctant to examine your case or dispute any further; your course of action has already been determined to be inadequate, and you must respect this decision.

Top 10 Potential Reasons Behind E-commerce Seller Account Suspension

Now, let us round off the top causes behind e-commerce seller account suspension below.

1. Order Defect Count

Seems like you have not been sending out quality and new goods, Sam!

To be quite honest, this is among the most often encountered causes for seller account suspension. A higher-order defect rate is sometimes referred to as an increased order defect rate.

If your rate is more than one per cent, your site will most likely investigate client complaints and your selling tactics. However, even if the flaw may develop during delivery, the seller is still liable for the problem.

As a result, the site will evaluate your seller performance, both generally and concerning that individual order. It’s a reasonable compromise because the highest level of quality must be maintained at all times.

As a result, you must pay close attention to the box and do it with care. If the e-commerce company is in charge of your packing and shipment, you should communicate your complaints to the seller management department.

2. Fake Reviews

Amazon is not punishing Amazon merchants for publishing phony comments at this time; instead, they are actively using them. It has been stated that the corporation has sued around 1000 vendors from both the United States and other countries by 2015.

What is Amazon’s motivation for doing this? The most trustworthy approach for any Amazon buyer to determine the quality of product descriptions is this method. Amazon prioritizes quality above all other considerations, and to sustain its consumer base, and it must ensure that its customers get the finest.

A large number of Amazon vendors write fictitious positive evaluations for their items. As a consequence, their product receives a better overall grade. As a result, the vast majority of the time, they get their accounts suspended.

Why? In the first place, if you are submitting excellent ratings on your behalf and there are Amazon users who aren’t doing so, this raises suspicion. Aside from that, it places other Amazon merchants at a competitive disadvantage in providing superior services. As a result, you must refrain from doings.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Amazon Seller Account has been suspended 2022
Top 10 Reasons Why Your Amazon Seller Account has been suspended 2022

3. Issues related to Copyright Infringement

You copycat! Just saying. It can be a reason as well. Another form of copyright problem that leads to numerous Amazon Seller account cancellations is a copyright violation, defined as using pictures or language belonging to somebody else making an Amazon product catalog on Amazon.

Likewise, copyright concerns may be tough to resolve since Amazon expects the sellers to work directly with the copyright holder to resolve the issue in question.

After a copyright dispute, the most challenging part of restoration is persuading the copyright owner to retract their claim and inform Amazon’s notification dispute staff of their decision.

Retailers should always seek correct authorization before using photos or text on their products to prevent this. Vendors who have included photographs in their ads without the authorization of the right’s owner are advised to delete these pictures from the offering.

A lawyer may be necessary in the case that a Seller has previously received complaints and has attempted to contact the copyright owner without success.

A lawyer’s assistance may be necessary for this situation. Whenever an Amazon Seller’s account is stopped due to a copyright violation problem, our staff is always accessible to help them resolve the situation.

4. Selling Restricted Products

Several different items cannot be sold on Amazon due to their site’s restrictions. Among the policies set out by Amazon is that “the selling of unlawful, dangerous, or otherwise prohibited items featured on these sites, particularly medications accessible only by prescriptions, is banned.”

Moreover, “those who participate in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) must also study the FBA Product Restrictions webpage, that includes goods which are not suitable for the FBA curriculum,” according to the Amazon website.

It is not impossible to ignore Amazon’s listing of restricted products, especially when considering how time-consuming it may be to run a vendor’s account. Amazon Sellers, on the other hand, must not be disheartened.

A systematic period, maybe once monthly, for vendors to reeducate themselves on Amazon’s regulations and listing forbidden products might help them avoid this problem.

If an Amazon Seller is unclear whether or not the product they want to market is forbidden, they need to always do a full investigation before listing the product.

It is recommended that Amazon Sellers have already obtained a performance notice regarding the sale of an impermissible good or service.

They can remove the products from their entries and concentrate on creating a clear plan of action or approach addressing the metrics involved in removing the restricted goods and how you would then help stop this problem from occurring in the future.

5. Dropshipping on Amazon

Consider the following scenario: we tell you how Amazon allows you to dropship, but afterwards, we ask why individuals are suspended for doing so. So, if you want to learn how and where to dropship correctly, visit this page. It is critical to grasp what dropshipping is to get to the heart of the issue.

Customers’ retail demands may be addressed by dropshipping, which is a technique of fulfilling such wants. Frequently, the merchant does not maintain a supply of the goods in stock. Their business model involves purchasing a specific product from third-party storage and shipping it straight to the buyer.

It is permissible if and only if you have control over the invoices delivered and every document. As a result of a scarcity of certain items, many individuals purchase them from eBay or other places and have these sent straight to their Amazon consumers.

As a result, they act as a middleman rather than the exclusive supplier of that transaction. As a result, replacements and refunds are harder to get in situations of necessity (for the customer). That’s the reason Amazon permits dropshipping, but only under particular circumstances and with extra costs attached to it.

6. You have multiple seller accounts.

Hey, do not try to be clever! Okay. Multi login or a virtual browser approach can kill you. In fact, behind the curtain, this is a primary reason that your e-commerce account has been suspended!

If you have multiple seller accounts on any site, your account will be immediately suspended. Many sellers make new accounts, which is not permitted on most sites. If you need to make another account, you will have to take permission.

However, you will be required to state a valid reason for registering the new account. The site will first carefully review your application and then decide.

Just want to do this, do not get into any tricks or fool the e-commerce site. Because you will end up fooling yourself, these sites are way clever and intelligent than we think. In fact, they have the best tracking mechanisms working.

Just a quick tip! If you need to manage multiple accounts, we have a multi-login alternative for you at the end. Stay tuned. For multi logging into different accounts simultaneously.

7. Sellers are receiving paid reviews.

Again, do not try to become a smarty pant! Enough of these games.

We can agree that paid ads and reviews are trending these days. However, you cannot do this on big e-commerce platforms because it is against their regulations. If you fail to comply with terms or regulations, your account will be suspended.

That is why; you should never go for paid reviews at e-commerce. In essence, it is an unethical practice. You will find many groups and people offering paid reviews for e-commerce. Beware and do not get into such scams. You will only find it harming your business venture.

The best thing you can do is sell quality products and abide by all the rules set by your site. You can ask for honest reviews. That will enhance your credibility as an honest and ethical seller.

8. Inauthentic Customer Complaints

It’s not always the seller’s fault. Sometimes the customers do play their part mischievously. “The authenticity of our goods is something we hold in high regard.” When it comes to selling, one of the tasks is to ensure that the things they are offering are genuine.

Our distribution operations would be damaged without compensation should you attempt to sell fake goods on our website. It is against the law to offer counterfeit things online. — The online retailer Amazon

Many sellers on Amazon often have to cope with false charges which aren’t supported by evidence. Amazon treats customer complaints concerning counterfeit items seriously, even though the consumers who file them are simply unhappy with their transactions.

Consequently, when there are numerous allegations of counterfeit items being sold by Amazon consumers, the company often shuts down seller accounts.

Vendors on Amazon should be attentive and respond to consumer issues as promptly as possible to avoid receiving insincere complaints resulting in a suspension.

Early planning and timely invoicing and copies among the most current bills for at least the preceding year are critical components of the process. Consequently, consumer complaints about faulty merchandise are frequently identified and addressed.

Maintaining sufficient packaging and quality assurance is essential to prevent shipping a faulty item and receiving fraudulent complaints.

9. Price Fixation

Those vendors come up with brilliant and equally awful business concepts. Allow us to clarify. Some merchants get agitated when a rival sells a comparable product at a lower price than their own.

They believe that they have been eliminated from the game. So as a consequence, these merchants establish relationships with their rivals and push them to maintain the pricing deliberately. This is referred to as price-fixing. The narrative continues. Their accounts are then suspended as a result of this. The narrative had a less than joyful conclusion.

Now, if you are experiencing a loss due to a rival offering at a lower price, there are a few things you may do. First and foremost, you may wait for the other merchant to run out of inventory. Second, you can add value to your listing. Put a discount on your goods and provide a gift with them.

10. Laundering Data from Amazon Employees

Amazon conducts a thorough investigation into all potential and plausible scams in its marketplace. One of them is the laundering or manipulation of data with the assistance of Amazon personnel.

These types of accidents have been recorded the most often in China. In this case, the merchant would approach the workers over WeChat and propose a payment varying from $80 to $2000 or even more.

Many Amazon workers share their private information or information on the competitors. Alternatively, the vendor might erase or modify poor feedback on the seller’s account.

According to Amazon, whether any of its workers is seen engaging in such behaviour, they would be fired on the spot. Aside from that, the vendors are also complicit in this kind of deception.

They may be dealt with in various ways, including the suppression of reviews, withholding profiles, canceling Amazon vendor accounts, and even lawsuits.

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