What to do if Your Facebook Ad Account is Disabled? Sendwin

Facebooks ads can be annoying! We agree. Imagine you are just watching the “All secrets out” clip from FRIENDS, and boom! Halfway through, an ad about contraceptives pops up. That will become the most hated thing you see on Earth. Well, we can feel you mate. However, what if we tell you that the thing you hate the most is a fortune-making thing for a Facebook marketer. That ad is a gift out of heaven for that marketer.

Why! Because they are making money out of it. Yes! On average, the cost per every 1000 views of the Facebook ad is around $11.20. Now, imagine, Facebook caters to 59% of the total social networking population.

Think how massively the Facebook ad marketer earns. In fact, according to a Facebook Investor Report, the cost per click revenue is growing annually at a rate of 10%.

Well, looks like the Facebook ad operator or marketer is making a hell of money. For them, their Facebook ad account is just like a gold mine. Now, think for a bit. Suddenly, land sliding occurs, and the entrance to the gold mine is closed. Your whole project might be ruined if your Advertisements account is deactivated, unlike when the single ad is disapproved. That’s a significant worry, but it’s not the end of the conversation.

You still have the option to revive your deactivated Facebook Ads profile, despite what you may have heard. See why Facebook removes Ad accounts, how to get your account reinstated, and what you can do to be secure in this article.

Why Can’t You Access Your Facebook Ads Account?

The actual reason you were unable to access your Facebook multilogin Ads account is also something you should be aware of. As a reminder, there are two possible reasons advertisers could be unable to access their ad accounts even through different virtual browsers.

The Ads Account is Disabled

Another possibility is that the advertisements account has been deactivated, and you cannot access it. It is the most typical case; when Facebook detects the same users go login from different accounts, they disable your account for a specified period.

Your Account is Blocked

Perhaps your private Facebook account has been temporarily restricted. Your advertising account is no longer accessible if your private profile is banned. Your advertisements, however, would not be suspended as a result of this. Your advertising will still be run by Facebook, which would deduct the money you pay. It is still possible for anybody to go login and adjust their ad campaigns. A user who has their private account restricted can’t access their ad accounts.

What are the causes of Facebook Account disablement?

Why are Facebook advertising accounts blocked now? Many marketers claim to have been blocked from Facebook without any apparent reason, although this rarely happens. For a variety of reasons, Facebook sometimes bans adverts. Let’s see what causes Facebook profiles to be blocked in this section.

There are multiple explanations as to why Facebook removes advertisements accounts. When an ad is not doing as well as you’d want it to, there are several things you may try to fix. Let’s take a closer look at why Facebook prohibits ad accounts from running.

1. Large Volumes for Disapproved Ads

Before an advertisement is accepted, it must first pass-through screening. In many circumstances, the suspension of an advertising account is the consequence of receiving too many unapproved advertisements.

Certainly, with so many advertisements being rejected, the firm concludes that you may not have checked the Terms of Service for the site or the advertising restrictions. As a result, Facebook is stuck with no choice but to restrict your advertising account. When this happens, businesses use Multi login chrome extensions like Send.win or other multilogin alternatives such as session box alternative to allow businesses to get their ads approved; these extensions eliminate the need to go login different profiles from different virtual browsers.

To be on the safe side, make sure to review the advertising policies and Terms of Service thoroughly. Secondly, refrain from introducing big numbers of advertisements. Advertising should be accepted one at a time to avoid massive batches of ads being rejected.

Aside from having many rejected advertisements, having a long record of rejected advertisements raises suspicion. It is recommended that you remove any advertising that has been rejected.

2. Logging in With Different IP Address

When you log into your account from a different IP address or device, Facebook can disable your account. In fact, due to multi-login and virtual browsers, Facebook might sense or assume you as fraudulent. You do not want to be suspicious, right! That is why; you should always log in to your ads manager account from your registered devices.

3. Logged into Multiple Accounts

You are using multiple accounts. Facebook will know that and can even ban you. If you still need to have and manage multiple accounts, you can look for any multilogin alternative (We got you covered at the end, don’t worry. Thank us later, or simply visit the multilogin alternative or sessionbox alternative to learn more.

4. Inconsistent Payment Issues

Another reason why so many ad campaigns are blocked is due to payments difficulties that are unpredictable. Since late payments imply that the profile is untrustworthy, Facebook knocks down late fees on multi-login accounts.

Remember to pay any outstanding invoices to customers to prevent your advertising account from being closed due to inconsistency in paying.

5. Landing Pages with Unclear Intentions

Facebook would also suspend your ad accounts when the landing pages on your ads have ambiguous objectives. Users will see on an ideal landing page precisely what they will get if they choose to participate.

It is necessary to provide specific details about the offering. The landing page should also include corporate information like the company trademarks, contact details, location, sources, and a warning, among other things.

6. Using the Same Method to Manage Multiple Account

Another cause for your Facebook ad account to be disabled is using the same payment option for many profiles on the social media platform. Whenever Facebook removes an ad account, they also restrict the money source used to run the campaign.

In other words, when you’re using the identical payment option for an account that has already been block listed, you run the danger of having that profile also be block listed as well.

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Most marketers will set up a Facebook Business Manager profile to manage multiple accounts, which will enable them to connect several accounts with various payment methods to their campaigns. In this manner, even if one of your profiles is suspended, you may continue to utilize other payment methods without fear of being blocklisted.

7. Not Limiting Access to Your Ads Account

Interestingly, Facebook’s policy is to keep a watchful eye on every one of your profiles, including personal ones, virtual communities, and ad accounts. Your page on Facebook or ad account may be deleted when Facebook has banned a person who is affiliated with it.

As a result, you must be severe with all of your account’s subscribers. Your profile might be in trouble if Facebook suspended them on other grounds.

8. Spending Outrageously

As a company, Facebook wants to generate revenue, but there is still a limitation to how far you can go with your advertising campaign on the platform.

This has been implemented to prevent people on Facebook from being spammed by advertising. Most marketers commit the error of overspending. Several of these accounts are blocked because of this.

It’s necessary to cut down your spending gradually, even if you have a set budget. Advertising experts recommend that you increase your daily expenditure by no more than 15% in order to prevent alarm bells indicating that you are spamming customers.

9. Ads That Receive Negative User Feedback

Because of bad customer feedback, Facebook often closes ad accounts. The business’s ad standards may be followed, but you’ll still get a lot of lousy criticism from customers or Facebook itself if your advertising is running on the social network.

For a short time, Facebook has allowed users to delete advertising and give them a Relevance Score, indicating how relevant they are to them. It would help if you were on the lookout for a lower score. If you get a low score or a bad review, your advertisements account will be canceled.

It’s not only your Relevance Score that matters; unfavorable comments might have a detrimental effect on your career. Ensure your advertising account is protected from unwanted criticism by avoiding ads that are not relevant. Overstated content and click baits are standard in ads that get bad reviews.

In addition, they make unjustified statements, fail to state their goals clearly and use visuals that are either deceptive or irrelevant. Be on the lookout for negative feedback and take immediate action to stop any advertisements that are receiving negative responses since this can result in your ad account being terminated.

10. Ads Which Don’t Comply with Facebook’s Terms & Conditions

Because of Facebook’s Terms of Service, many advertisers get their ad profiles shut down. Any breach of the terms and conditions may result in the firm disabling your advertising accounts.

As a service provider, it’s your responsibility to ensure that any advertising you show adheres to the group’s Terms and Conditions. All information that encourages sex, violence, and gambling is a no-no on Facebook. Restrictions often stop from these three categories.

Adverts that offer to help individuals generate money via illegitimate methods are also in violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions and will result in your profile being restricted. If you would like pleasant advertising experiences on Facebook, read the Facebook Terms of Service.

Steps to Take When Facebook Bans Your Ad Account

Once you’ve learned about the most typical causes of Facebook ad profile termination, what’s the next step? Blocked ad accounts are not easy to restore, no matter who is to blame. In such cases, a business opts for using a multi-login chrome extension like Sendwin, or other alternatives like multilogin alternative or sessionbox alternative rather than having to go login from different virtual browsers.

However, this does not spell the end for your efforts on Facebook. You must go through a lengthy appeals procedure to have your case heard. Learn how to reactivate an ad account that has been deactivated in this area.

Consult a Facebook Account Executive

If the prior methods fail, a Facebook account administrator may be hired. If you’re looking for free guidance, evaluations, and suggestions on all things related to Facebook ads and ad optimization, these would be the experts to go to.

Any professional in Facebook marketing may be able to assist you in repairing your block ad account. This solution, however, isn’t available to every marketer out there.

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before scheduling a meeting. You can’t apply to become an account rep on Facebook because of the company’s rules.

Use the Live Facebook Chat Feature

Using live chat assistance to speak with a Facebook professional will also restore your multilogin account’s ability to run Facebook advertisements if it’s been disabled. Look for answers or request help by going to the Facebook Ad Support Center and selecting “Find solutions or request assistance” from the drop-down menu.

Click on “Start” and then on the corresponding link; you can navigate to Advertising or Privacy and Safety, respectively. “Do you require additional assistance? Get in Touch with Customer Service “Alternatives can be found at the page end. Alternatively, you may initiate a live discussion with an operator by selecting “Talk to an Assistant” and filling out the required details.

This would be the best approach since you’ll be talking to an actual person, not a computer program. Any breaches related to the suspension will be pointed out, along with suggestions for avoiding them in the long term, and the restriction will be lifted more quickly when your account was detected incorrectly. Be genuine, evocative, and grateful when speaking with a spokesperson.

Request a Review

Seeking a review is one way to remove the Facebook ad account limitation. There’s a potential your profile was accidentally terminated, although that doesn’t happen very often. It would be best to have the profile reviewed when you have any reason to believe this is the situation.

Just be sure it was reported by mistake before doing this. Go to “Request Review” and upload your form ID. After which, send your review request. Stay updated on your email for any responses you get after requesting a review.

You would be restored or banned indefinitely when the ad account evaluation is completed. Always be polite while you’re trying to convince someone. First, I’d like to commend the team for bothering to look over my ban. Write a brief explanation of what occurred without going into detail.

What Happens If Facebook Denies Your Requests?

The following are the best ways to reclaim a Facebook advertising account. To clear things up: they don’t promise that you’ll be able to use your adverts. So, what’s the next logical question? Is there anything you can do if your account gets banned for a long time?

When Facebook fails to reinstate your Facebook advertising profile, there isn’t much you can do. In the meanwhile, here are some pointers to keep your advertising initiatives moving forward:

In the long run, setting up a new company account is the best bet. As a solution, if you’re not permitted to register a new profile, you may use a multilogin profile of someone you know.

However, it would help if you weren’t doing this while an account was suspended. Ensure you adhere to all of Facebook’s advertising restrictions to prevent any more issues.

As an alternative to establishing new accounts, try using outlets that have fewer restrictions, such as social media. When it comes to promoting a business, direct marketing is just as effective as Facebook advertising.

And this: Native online ads are enticing, captivating, and motivating. You may also advertise on sites like Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora, in addition to sponsored content. This is just a sampling of the possibilities.

facebook ads account
facebook ads account

How to Safe keep your Facebook Advertising Account?

5 Ways! Here’s how:

Post Ads from One IP Address

Use just one smartphone to log in regularly, even for multi login. Signing in from many phones, as previously indicated, may raise suspicions. Multi-IP ad launching is a sure sign of internet scams.

Be Careful While Accessing

Before giving anyone access to your multi-login advertisements profile, be sure to do your research. Ensure that all of your employees have no Facebook restrictions or issues.

The security of your advertisements campaign may be jeopardized if you provide access to prohibited individuals.

Avoid Payment Problems

Consistency in repayment terms is also essential. Accounts with a history of missed or late payments are more likely to be flagged by Facebook, as we’ve already mentioned.

It is critical to manage multiple accounts and your transactions, so be sure you utilize Business Manager. It gives you the freedom to employ a variety of payment options without putting yourself in danger.

Post Quality Ads

To begin, a risk score is a measure of your Facebook account’s reliability. Mechanisms used by the organization decide the result.

Ensure the advertisements you serve are of consistently high quality to avoid having a significant number of ads rejected and other factors that might harm your Facebook customer feedback rating.

Grasp Facebook Ads Policies

You may avoid having your Facebook account deactivated by reading and understanding Facebook’s Conditions of Use, as well as the company’s advertising rules.

Too many policies and rules must be followed, as you can see. Landing pages and the material they provide must fulfill requirements.

Multi Login Savior!

We know you! You want to have multiple accounts. Well, we want you to be safe and use the Sendwin multi login Chrome extension as your session box alternative. With this, you will simply stay off the radar and continue to manage multiple accounts.


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